South Carolina Assistant Attorney General Loses Job Due to Cemetery Sex Scandal

Goth Graveyard

Join Us Robert Corning. Photo Credit: Paul Stevenson

The ABA Journal reports that a  police officer found Robert Corning, an assistant attorney general for South Carolina,  in his car with a teenage stripper, viagra and sex toys.   Corning is 66-years-old.  Apparently, Corning tried to get out of a possible citation by using his state badge.  This was a mistake.  Unknown to Corning, the officer’s wife also worked at the attorney general’s office.  Because of that, the officer called his wife to confirm Corning’s identity.  As a result of this conversation, the officer’s wife informed the Attorney General of South Carolina  (who happened to be elected on an anti-prostitution platform) about Corning’s activities.  Corning was doomed.  He resigned within hours.

Interestingly, the ABA Journal omits a key fact from its report.  Corning and his teenage stripper friend were found parked in a cemetery at 3:00 p.m. on a Monday.  Is it possible?  Could it be?  Is Corning a closet Goth and not a sex addict?  Let us examine:

According to this article, Corning is a former state delegate.  It appears that South Carolina elected him on an anti-abortion/family values platform.  He also drives a blue sedan.  Siouxsie could find no photographs of Corning wearing any black.  Yet, despite all of this, Corning felt compelled to visit cemeteries in the middle of the work day with strangers who shared his same need.  Perhaps Siouxsie is naive, but she believes she is onto something here.  If not, Siouxsie believes she may have invented a new defense to cemetery sex scandals — “I was just there because I’m Goth.”

For your enjoyment, a copy of the incident report is here.

Here is link to the blogger who originally broke the story.

~ by siouxsielaw on October 31, 2009.

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