Wondering What to Do with the Fishnets You Wore Last Night?

fishnet top

Free People, Retail $18.00; Siouxsie does not endorse this combination. WTF? http://bit.ly/2OP37Z

Did you wear fishnets for Halloween last night?  Are you unsure about wearing them to the office on Monday (or ever again)?  Maybe you would be more comfortable wearing a fishnet shirt?  Siouxsie can help.

Here is a tip that will turn your fishnet stockings into a cool DIY top in under three minutes.  All you need are scissors (or sharp teeth) and fishnets.  First,  cut a one-inch hole in the crotch.  Second,  put your head through crotch hole (awkward) and your arms through the legs.  Third, snip small holes for fingers.  Your fishnet top is finished.  The result is edgy, rough, and environmentally responsible (remember you are reusing!).  And unlike the fishnet tops found at Free People and similar stores, yours will not be missing the oh-so-important fingerless gloves.  Siouxsie recommends wearing it under a high-neck dress with cap sleeves or under any tee-shirt.  Enjoy.

~ by siouxsielaw on November 1, 2009.

One Response to “Wondering What to Do with the Fishnets You Wore Last Night?”

  1. Ah, the finishnet top. I used to wear mine under a slip (worn as a dress) that was held together by safety pins, or with a Bauhaus shirt and black jeans for casual days. I think I’ll take your advice and try it under a cap sleeved dress.

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