Siouxsie Is All Matte


From left to right above: Sephora/OPI, Diamond Cosmetics, Man Glaze and Hot Topic.

Matte nail polish is a hot trend this season.  Siouxsie could not be more delighted.  Siouxsie loves this look — so unrefined and striking.  Siouxsie’s nails have never been darker.

As a public service, Siouxsie decided to try out a couple different brands to see what the differences were.

Siouxsie warns:  if you dare to wear matte, avoid using a top coat and/or hand lotion, as it will allow that dreaded shine to seep in.


Polish Choice — Siouxsie chose only black matte polishes.  There are a number of nail polish brands that offer black matte nail polish.  Siouxsie chose four brands that she had heard about and that she wanted to try.  It really was that simple.

Application —  Siouxsie opted for a minimalist approach.  Because many of the matte polishes advise against using a base and/or top coat (because it will interfere with the matte look) and because Siouxsie can’t be bothered with all those coats anyway, Siouxsie just applied two coats of each polish.

Durability —  Siouxsie conducted a three-day wear test.  (Siouxsie originally intended to do a five-day wear test, but by day three the polishes had lost some of their matte look and/or had chipped severely).  Siouxsie tested all four polishes under usual circumstances:  yoga, sporadic light cleaning, roller skating, cooking, typing, listening to Jessie Evans.

Ingredients — Siouxsie gave extra credit to the polishes that are Big 3 Free (dibutyl phthalate (DBP); formaldehyde; toulene), which means go ahead and get pregnant or get someone pregnant — you can still wear the polish!

Siouxsie has reviewed them in her order of preference.  Let’s discuss:

1.   ManGlaze — Matte is Murder (Winner)

Price for one bottle —  $6.66 (plus shipping and handling)

Oh my god.  ManGlaze is totally hard-core.  It is deliciously black and has a slight bit of concrete-silver dust sprinkled in.  This shimmer makes it especially appealing to Siouxsie.  It goes on relatively easy and dries within one minute.  With the first coat, Siouxsie experienced some minor streaking, but the second coat fixed this.  ManGlaze almost gives enough coverage to get away with one coat (especially if not venturing out in daylight).  The second coat definitely enhanced its chalkboard opaqueness and its durability.  With two coats, Siouxsie experienced only minor chipping by day three.

Siouxsie loves everything about this product (check out the label art!), even the clever price.   Siouxsie appreciated the courtesy shown to her by the folks at ManGlaze — ManGlaze responded to Siouxsie’s questions about the product almost immediately (and not during normal business hours).  And  it is “Big 3 Free. ” Yeah!!!

Siouxsie tips her tiny top hat to ManGlaze.  This is a keeper.

2.  Diamond Cosmetics — Black Matte (Runner Up)

Price for one bottle — $2.00 (plus shipping and handling)

This polish gives you the best bang for your buck.

Siouxsie was wowed with the application of Diamond Cosmetic’s polish.  No smudging or streaking, a completely even application.  If you had to, you could get by on just one application.  It is super dark.  And it dried quickly, within two minutes.

This matte had slightly more sheen to it than the other mattes reviewed.  Although, the extra shine is not Siouxsie’s cup of tea, Siouxsie can see the appeal of this.  With the sheen, it becomes a very versatile polish — perfect for those wanting a less severe look or for those just transitioning away from the super-gloss polishes.

Diamond Cosmetics held up well, with only slight chipping after two days.  By the third day, the polish had lost its matte effect.

Diamond Cosmetics offers mattes in black, smoke, burgundy and mulberry.  Siouxsie is dying to try Diamond’s smoke matte polish next.

Again, a tiny top hat tip to Diamond Cosmetics.  It is also Big 3 Free and Diamond Cosmetics could not have been more courteous to Siouxsie and her questions about their product.

3.  Sephoraby O P I  —  What’s A Tire Jack?

Price for one bottle:  $9.00 (.5 fluid ounces)

If you want a severe matte look, with as little sheen as possible, this is it.  Standard car-tire black.   A refreshing sooty look.   It dried in less than a minute (you can actually see it dry as the alcohol evaporates).

Siouxsie had some trouble with the application though — the polish had a watery consistency and Siouxsie had some difficulty applying it evenly.  This polish definitely needs two coats.  It was not as durable as the others she tried; it chipped by second day.

Sephora OPI appears to be Big 3 Free.  Siouxsie was unable to confirm this.

4.  Hot Topic — Black Matte*

Price for one bottle — $2.99

Siouxsie was not impressed with Hot Topic’s Black Matte, even though she wanted to be.*  The application was watery, and brush strokes were visible.  Again, this polish requires two coats.  It dried very quickly (less than one minute).  But it chipped after doing some Yoga.

Siouxsie was not able to confirm whether Hot Topic is Big 3 Free.

* Siouxsie is a big fan of and small shareholder in Hot Topic.


From pinky to pointer: Hot Topic, OPI, Diamond Cosmetics, ManGlaze

~ by siouxsielaw on November 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Siouxsie Is All Matte”

  1. How about pictures of the nails so we can judge for ourselves? And while your at it, some pictures of you would be nice too.

  2. Good suggestion. I’ll try to post some nail porn.

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