Anti-Goth Bias in British Safety Video

This British safety video creeps Siouxsie out (and not in a good way).  It is part of a series called “Tales of the Road” and features an adorable Goth heroine who attempts to cross a street. Sadly, she is struck by an automobile.  Apparently, our hero’s dark sensibility is her fatal flaw.  The narrator chides the character for not dressing “bright” and blames her misfortune on her dark trendy style.

Siouxsie does not like this ad or its message.  It seems in poor taste in light of hate crimes that have occurred against Goths in the U.K.  The murder of Sophie Lancaster, is probably the most notorious.   And just a few weeks ago, a group of thugs assaulted a goth bride on her wedding day.  WTF?

Moreover, the ad appears to be a poorly executed rip-off of Neil Gaiman’s work.

Siouxsie thinks that the creators should have incorporated aspects of Cybergoth into the character design and safety solution.  The ad would have been much improved.  Cybergoths excel at being both bright and dark.

So next time, instead of running over the adorable Goth character, just give her a Cybergoth makeover.

~ by siouxsielaw on November 19, 2009.

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