Reader Email

Today, Siouxsie was delighted to receive an email with this photo from an anonymous reader.

Baby Bat Corporate Attorney

In spite of warnings from Corporette, this brave young attorney decided to take her nails to the dark side.  Siouxsie thinks they look great.  The dark nail trend is not so scary and totally appropriate for corporate America.  What’s wrong with looking a little dark and aggressive?  Lighten up.  Or, in this case, darken up.

Not that the reader asked, Siouxsie would pawn the watch and trade it for these Burberry boots and Wolford fishnets.  These boots and fishnets will help you look both well-heeled and dark.

These boots aren’t for every Goth, but might just be perfect for this reader.  They are Burberry and very expensive.
These are the most expensive fishnets Siouxsie has ever seen.  Siouxsie does not endorse spending this much on fishnets.  However, that will not stop Siouxsie from emailing Wolford to ask them for a free sample to see if it really is possible to get your goth on in $68 fishnets. (What is going on with this model’s pose?  WTF?)

~ by siouxsielaw on November 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Reader Email”

  1. love the nails, do you know what color/brand it is? i only ask because i have at least five OPI vampy shades and that one looks like Lincoln Park After Dark (which i suggest you invest in, in case you haven’t!) also, what is your favorite matte?

    • I have no idea what color or brand it is. Perhaps, the reader will see this and tell us.

      Thanks for the rec. I will have to try Lincoln Park after Dark.

      One of my favorite matte’s is ManGlaze (Matte is Murder). The polish holds up real well. It has absolutely no sheen, but it does have a little shimmer sprinkled in (which I like). I am also a sucker for their bottle art.

      If you want a super-flat look without any shimmer I would recommend OPI’s mattes (not as durable as ManGlaze but as flat as a chalkboard). It has grown on me.

      I just tried Mike Potter’s Knock Out Flatte Black. The packaging is beautiful. But it is too pricey for me to justify. I would say it is comparable to OPI’s “What’s a Tire Jack?”

  2. lincoln park after dark = the best

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