ManGlaze’s Hot Mess

Matte Is Murder with Hot Mess Top Coat

ManGlaze was kind enough to send Siouxsie their newest product to review– ManGlaze Hot Mess.

Hot Mess is a topcoat  that is loaded with tons of pewter bits.   Applying it is like paving your nails in glitter.  You will have instant sparkle claws.  Rarrr….  You can apply it over any color.  Siouxsie applied it over black and blue.  The possibilities are limitless.

In the bottle, it looks like any other glitter topcoat; but it is not.

Hot Mess is a matte topcoat.   What does that mean?  There is absolutely no sheen, but lots of bling.   This creates a to-die-for contrast.  One that Siouxsie had not seen on nails before.

It looks almost as if someone welded tiny metal bits to your nails — as if someone glued on a tiny patch of chainmail.  The look is industrial and edgy.  Siouxsie loves it.  And what is better, it dries completely smooth.  No sandpaper finish.  And it holds up well.  No chips until day three.

But what about those of you that associate glitter with unicorns, rainbows and everything cheery.  Not to worry.  Hot Mess will work for you too.  Just apply a shiny clear top coat — you will have the shiniest, sparkliest, happiest nails (if that is your cup of tea).  Picture the shiny-wet-new-car look but with lots of glitter thrown in.

The downside  — the price has gone up considerably.  It is now $13.13.

Hot Mess over Navy Polish with Shiny Top Coat

The upside — it is the densest glitter topcoat  you will find.  Just one coat of Hot Mess and your nails will be entombed in glitter.

This would make the perfect stocking stuffer or Chanukah gift for almost anyone (or at least anyone who espouses Judeo-Christian beliefs).  Or buy it for yourself — it is a great polish for any holiday party and an amazing look for New Years Eve.

Siouxsie endorses and highly recommends Hot Mess.  Siouxsie gives this “sick matte” polish two glittery claws up.

~ by siouxsielaw on December 8, 2009.

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