Siouxsie’s Guide to March Madness

Siouxsie does not endorse this shirt.  Not at all.

This is the ugliest basketball shirt ever.

Siouxsie is not a basketball fan. But she loves to gamble.

Here is Siouxsie’s take on how to survive the NCAA tournament if you are not a fan.

1.  Participate.  Pay the $10 (or whatever) and submit a bracket.

2.  Disregard the teams, ranks and any other information.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you should be good to go.

2.  Figure out the mascots of the teams.  This can be a challenge.

3.  Fill out your bracket based on team mascot, name and colors.

Siouxsie did this several nights ago.  It took her approximately 17 minutes to do so.

Here is how Siouxsie picked her teams.

In any given match up, Siouxsie picked the team with the spooky, evil, or steam-punk mascot to win.  If the teams had animals as mascots, Siouxise picked the cougar team wherever possible.  If cougar was not an option, Siouxsie chose the more ferocious looking mascot.

Siouxsie automatically eliminated any teams sporting “rednecky” mascots.  Rebels, aggies, and okies were automatically out.  And Siouxsie similarly steered away from controversial mascots such as Native Americans.

In the end, Siouxise picked Wake Forest to win it all.  They are the Demon Decons.   It doesn’t get much better than demons sporting top hats.

There you have it.

It is too late for you to use this  advice for the men’s NCAA basketball tournament, but you should apply it to the woman’s tournament.

To see Siouxsie’s NCAA bracket click here.

Disclaimer:  Siouxsie did not attend Wake Forest University.

~ by siouxsielaw on March 19, 2010.

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