Consumer Email: Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar Accident

LUSH’s Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar, $6.55.

From: Siouxsie Law []

Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010 6:17 AM
To: Products <>
Subject: Product related inquiries

Hi —

I recently started using your products and love them.  I cannot say enough good things.

I am addicted to your Shimmy Shimmy sparkle bar especially.  I have encountered one slight problem though.  It has so much glitter that I end up leaving glitter everywhere I go.  This is not so bad on the weekends, but makes going to work a little awkward.  I am a lawyer.

Do you have any suggestions?  Have you considered putting a warning label on the soap?

One possible warning could be:  “It leaves you as sparkly as a stripper on $10 lap dance nite.”    Just a suggestion.

Thanks for all your great products!


[LUSH promptly wrote me back!]

From: Products <>

To: Siouxsie Law <>

Date: Thur, Mar 25, 2010 at 3:23 PM

Hi Siouxsie!

Thank you for your email. To begin, I just wanted to make sure that you know the Shimmy Shimmy sparkle massage bar is not a soap, correct? It was designed as a bar of glitter made with a moisturizing cocoa butter and shea butter base, so that it could be applied to the body where the person wanted to glitter, and would also leave the skin soft and smelling lovely. We do our best to indicate that the main purpose for this product is to apply lots of glitter, and I apologize if there was any confusion about the function or purpose of the glitter bar. Generally I would use it only in small applications, as a little dab goes a very long way. If you were looking for a solid massage bar without the glitter, we do have some fantastic ones that you may enjoy. My favourite at the moment is the Each Peach massage bar which is super citrusy with lots of lemon and lime essential oils. It’s great for waking up in the morning, and leaves the skin soft and conditioned.

Please let us know if you have any further questions at 1-888-733-5874 and we’d be glad to assist you!

Warm regards,


LUSH Direct


This entire incident made Siouxise love LUSH even more.   Megan’s response was prompt, polite and so informative.

Lesson learned:  massage bars are not soap.

Bonus video:   Marina and the Diamonds — I Am Not A Robot.

The Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar accident left Siouxsie almost as sparkly as Marina in the beginning of  this video.

~ by siouxsielaw on March 26, 2010.

One Response to “Consumer Email: Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar Accident”

  1. I am glad you were not injured by this product. Sparkle can be very dangerous.

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