Update — Duke Nukem on Formspring

Duke Nukem won't answer your questions on Formspring, but George Broussard will.

Duke Nukem 3D was one of the most popular video games ever.  It was thought that Duke Nukem was an unstoppable force.  Its sequel, Duke Nukem Forever was one of the most highly anticipated video games of all time.  But Duke is now trapped in what likely will be a lengthy and contentious legal battle, one from which he may never escape.  Siouxsie blogged about the legal battle at this link.

So what is George Broussard, the creator of 3D Realms and Duke Nukem up to while the fate of Duke Nukem rests in the court system?  Well, Mr. Broussard  is taking your questions at Formspring.

Siouxsie asked Mr. Broussard the following questions:

1.  Are his attorneys vetting his answers on Formspring?

2.  How did he convince his attorneys that answering the public’s questions on Formspring was a good idea?

3.  Does he think that Duke’s overt sexism will be a disadvantage in the lawsuit given that the judge is a woman?

4.  If Duke Nukem is Mr. Broussard’s baby, does that make Mr. Broussard Duke’s mother?

5.  What is the best topless bar in Dallas?

Stay tuned to see whether or not Mr. Broussard answers Siouxsie’s questions.

~ by siouxsielaw on April 8, 2010.

One Response to “Update — Duke Nukem on Formspring”

  1. Is it time to kick ass and chew bubble gum?

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