Desired — Amy Wilson Tote Bag

Amy Wilson and vinyl....what's not to love?

For those not familiar with artist Amy Wilson, you should be.

From January until April 2010, Ms. Wilson had a public art installation surrounding the construction site of a children’s playground in NYC.  The installation was approximately 5′ x 130′.   Recently the project was deinstalled.  And now Ms. Wilson has reused the material from the project to make  tote bags.

The bags that Ms. Wilson has posted so far can be seen at this link.  She will be posting 10 new tote bags every Wednesday until she runs out of vinyl.  They sell out quick, so get ready on Wednesday.

You can buy the bags here.  There are just two left from this week’s posting.

Disclaimer:  This is a shameless pitch so that I can  win a free tote bag.

~ by siouxsielaw on May 14, 2010.

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