Hulk Hogan Versus Bamm Bamm

Cocoa Pebbles stand accused of destroying the "Hulk Hogan" brand.

All apologies to Count Chocula, Cocoa Pebbles are officially Siouxsie Law’s new breakfast cereal.  They are dark, chocolatey and anger Hulk Hogan.

On May 20, Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the maker of Cocoa Pebbles misappropriated his image for their commercial. [source]  The commercial features a cartoon character who is a blond wrestler with a mustache.  The cartoon character’s name is Hulk Boulder.

Hulk Hogan is basically retired from wrestling and is now in their hall of fame.  Hulk, like most professional athletes, has had a difficult time transitioning to the next phase of his life.  Recently, Hulk has had a run of bad luck.  Hulk has a failed as a parent, reality television star, and a husband.

And now, Hulk is suing Bamm Bamm over damage to what is left of his image.

Elaine Silverstrini of the Tampa Tribune reports,

In the “Cocoa Smashdown” commercial, a cartoon character resembling Hogan easily beats Fred and Barney inside the ring. But then Bamm-Bamm steps in and pounds the blond-haired, mustachioed wrestler to bits.


The commercial character goes by the name “Hulk Boulder,” which Hogan’s lawsuit says is a name he used early in his career until wrestling promoter Vince McMahon decided he should have an Irish name.

The lawsuit says Post Foods never sought or received Hogan’s permission to use his likeness to promote the cereal. Hogan says he raised his objections with Post in August, but the ads continued.

Hogan says he is marketing his own products, including the Hogan Energy drink and Hulkster Burgers, a line of microwaveable hamburgers and chicken sandwiches sold at Walmart.

Here is a link to the complaint and exhibits.

The exhibits attached to the complaint are terrible.  They demonstrate why we need to revisit the way that pleadings and briefs look in the 21st century.

The first picture Hulk’s lawyers submit is a picture from Rocky 3.  This scene, ironically, is where puny Rocky beats up Hulk Hogan and throws him from the ring.  Given that the Hulk is irked about his cartoon likeness getting slammed by Bamm Bamm, this picture from Rocky seems like a poor choice to use here.

These photos are purported to be true and correct images of Hulk in 1982 and 2010.  The photos though are poor quality.

The second exhibit features pictures that were taken from the offending commercial.

Again, the stills are low quality, grainy black-and-white pictures.

It all would have been much better to embed the video clips and the jpegs, or at least link to the websites where the images could be found.  Complaints and briefs would be much more compelling that way.

Stay tuned to see if Hulk can win his rematch with Bamm Bamm in court.

Photo Credit:

Cocoa Pebbles by Steven Brisson

Hulk Hogan by TrainMan74

~ by siouxsielaw on May 24, 2010.

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