Wonder Woman Goes Goth?

Classic Wonder Woman

Siouxsie always found it strange that Wonder Woman had to fight crime in a swimsuit.  Didn’t she get cold?  Isn’t it uncomfortable?  Give that that poor lady  a makeover.

That is what DC comics has done:

[Today], the DC Comics superheroine who first appeared in 1941, receive[d] a dramatic makeover with the release of Issue No. 600 of her monthly series. Her costume, which has resembled a star-spangled swimsuit for most of her history, [got] a modern update, with leggings and a strapless top.  [source]

Wonder Woman Version 2.0

Yuck.  Siouxsie is not impressed.  Let’s break it down.

The look is darker.  The hair is better.  The arm warmers gauntlets are rockin’.  The choker is cool.  The leggings are a nice touch.

So far so good.

But a bolero military jacket?  It seems oppressive to wear this to fight off evil villains. Perhaps in this timeline, WonderWoman shops at Chico’s or thrift stores?

And the shoes.   Siouxsie doesn’t even know what they are.  Mules?   With spurs?  Ugh.

No doubt, this makeover is an improvement.  But DC Comics just didn’t go far enough. The end result is just blah.  Last year’s goth/zombie/centurian look was better than this.  Here’s to hoping they tweak this new version of Wonder Woman and give her a little more edge.

Last Year's Model

~ by siouxsielaw on July 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wonder Woman Goes Goth?”

  1. Bwahahahaa! The first thing I noticed that I liked was the jacket! To me it seems a biker jacket, which I like, and with Balmainesque trendy big shoulders, which I also like. But hate the flat footwear and spurs – totally with you on that one! I quite like the gaunlets and chains too.

    • Gauntlets — that is the word to describe those. Maybe it is the navy blue and the fabric choice that is bugging me about the jacket. How will she be able to move her arms to lasso her opponents? I am deeply troubled on this one.

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