Siouxsie Law Commercial Part III (Return of the Goth)

Disclaimer(spoiler alert):

This is a promotional video, not intended to reflect any part of Siouxsie Law’s personal life. Just to be clear, Siouxsie Law definitely is not pregnant.

~ by siouxsielaw on November 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “Siouxsie Law Commercial Part III (Return of the Goth)”

  1. Is there a secret message here? Is Paul dead? Am I the walrus? I don’t understand your disclaimer.

  2. Siouxsie is being paranoid. Take her disclaimer at face value: it is only a promotional video and there is nothing to be read into it.

    But having said that, if the masses clamor for a sequel, I suddenly have some free time on my hands to make one.

  3. Epic. The ending was a complete surprise to me. I thought they would make it.

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