Xbox LIVE Points Class Action Dismissed

Back in January, Siouxsie blogged about a new class action lawsuit against Microsoft.  The case was widely reported by the mainstream media to be about Microsoft’s fraudulent use of its Xbox LIVE point system.  Siouxsie pointed out that the complaint lacked any allegations to support such a claim.  The complaint instead alleged only that Samuel Lassoff, the named plaintiff for the proposed class, never received complete downloads of games for which he had paid.  Siouxsie also warned that Mr. Lassoff should not continue as both the named plaintiff  and the attorney in the case.

Since then, the case has been removed to Washington state, Mr. Lassoff removed himself as named plaintiff, and three different amended complaints were filed to try to state a claim.

Recently, the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington denied Mr. Lassoff’s request to file a Fourth Amended Complaint and dismissed the case.

Game Over.

Siouxsie previously blogged about this case here and here.

~ by siouxsielaw on November 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Xbox LIVE Points Class Action Dismissed”

  1. The name plaintiff was Frank Muniz. Same name as the kid from Malcolm in th Middle. I wonder if he was involved with this case.

  2. […] post has been updated to provide links to the posts at issue: here,  here and here. Like this:Like4 bloggers like […]

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