Frye Versus Fluevog — Boot Bash 2010

An uber-goth friend hopes to get a pair of expensive boots from Santa this year.  We both agree that after a long day at work, obsessing over boots is a great way to wind down.  She is deciding between Fryes and Fluevogs. Seems like an interesting choice.   Siouxsie would have to go with Fluevogs.  She only owns one pair of Frye boots, and that was a terrible mistake. They are great boots; they are just not Fluevogs.


Fluevog Inges


Frye Carson Shorties

Tiny Top Hat Tip: Melissa a.k.a Maelström B.

Fun Fact:  The word Maelström was introduced into the English language by Edgar Allen Poe.

~ by siouxsielaw on December 10, 2010.

13 Responses to “Frye Versus Fluevog — Boot Bash 2010”

  1. I’ll go first. I like the Fluevogs more because they look like they have built-in spats.

  2. Agreed. The Fluevogs are better.

  3. Boots with heels are better.

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  5. I don’t know if those Frye Shorties are a fair match for the taller Fluevogs.

  6. I was already leaning towards the Fluevogs, so thought I would go to their website and check them out some more. You can get a pretty good selection of Fluevogs at a local shoe boutique (Gravity Pope) so I’ve never thought to browse through the website. Turns out they are a Canadian company! As a resident of the frozen winterland, I feel a moral obligation to support any Canadian company that turns out fantastically stylish items. And that is how I will justify the money I am about to spend on new boots. That, and the fact that it snowed another 3 inches last night and the temperature is -20 celcius (which sounds way colder than -4 farenheit).

    • I’m jealous that you have Fluevogs at a local boutique. The one shop in my town stopped carrying them. Oh the horror. You also are lucky that you have the Canadian factor to justify your purchases.

  7. agreed – the Fluevogs are clearly more appealing & kick-ass. however, the Fryes are more classic & versatile. maybe if she’s a REALLY good girl, Santa will get her both…

  8. ‘Vogs, always! I’ve been a fan since John Fluevog only had the one store on Granville in downtown Vancouver – as a teen, I dreamed of the day when I could afford a pair. Now, I have about 7 pairs. 🙂

  9. Seven pairs? Impressive!

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