Any of you have a million dollars to spare?

Check out this beauty listed on eBay —

A mystery seller is trying to auction the hearse that transported the body of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. for at least $1.5 million.
The seller, identified on eBay as ‘chmark1968’, wrote that the 1996 Lincoln Town Car has ‘great NASCAR history,’ and was, ‘the last ride of Dale Earnhardt’

Sadly, the seller has removed the hearse from eBay. People speculate that the ad was yanked due to false advertising.

The eBay ad said the hearse took Earnhardt to his final resting place on Feb. 21st, 2001. [But according to reports], Earnhardt’s body was not at the Feb. 21 memorial service and that it was transported to the mausoleum weeks laster.

Well, there goes Siouxsie’s dream to start a goth theme park centered around a famous hearse. Waaah.

Bonus link:

If you really love hearses, then you may want to check out and Hearse Con 2011. Zachary Byron Helm, founder of is an elder goth and renaissance man. Mr. Helm
is an auto enthusiast, fashion icon. blogger, andfilm maker.

Zachary Byron Helm founder's amazing custom hearse.

Bonus Clip: Lacyn Jordan, a professional undertaker gets a hearse tattoo on Miami Ink. The video picks up around the 2:23 mark.

Hearse Photo Credit: Bruno_Me

~ by siouxsielaw on March 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Any of you have a million dollars to spare?”

  1. I think you just broke the first rule if hearse club. You don’t talk about hearse club.

  2. Thanks for the mention here! I was randomly searching online for hearse stuff and saw my name mentioned here and came to check it out. Take care!

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