What tights did Jessie J wear on SNL?

Jessie J is the hot, new, British-musician on the scene. While Siouxsie does not endorse Jessie J’s music, Siouxsie gives props to Jessie J’s hair and makeup. Not to mention, choice in tights.

~ by siouxsielaw on March 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “What tights did Jessie J wear on SNL?”

  1. The group Anonymous (think like wikileaks, only more serious) has declared war on Louis Vuitton after the clothing company’s victory in court against an artist who painted a portrayal of a starving African child clutching a handbag.
    Read More:

  2. I kinda like Jessie J’s style, if not her music. Her voice is very fluent, and I detect a hint of “serious” training. I swear she could do trills in Galuppi arias if she set her mind to it. As it is, she is too brittle and inexpressive for me for this kind of music.

    Anyway, I completely agree about her hair, tights, and general style. Unfortunately, the video here has fallen victim to purse-lippled copyright enforcers, demonstrating once again why I had a love/hate relationship with YouTube when I kept my own blog.

    But I’m happy to read yours, despite vaporized videos.

  3. Mmm . . . legwear. Got me thinking you might like these:
    Meanwhile, I’m still trying to convince myself it’s OK to spend $70 on those Wolfords.

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