Kiki does the internet

The many looks of Kiki Kannibal

“Scene kid” — Susually seen wearing neon colors w/ black. leopard and/or zebra print obsessed. hair colored at least 2 different colors and cut at different angles. male scene kids usually try to attain over 500 friends on myspace and post pictures up of themselves making out with other boys. female scene kids just ADORE neon colored eye shadow and wear one thousand layers of eyeliner. hair of both sexes is usually parted to the side.

Looks like Siouxsie is the last to know about Kiki Kannibal — the “scene queen” of MySpace.  According to a mind-blowing and wordy Rolling Stone story, Kiki is now the “most hated girl on the internet.”

The Rolling Stone article on Kiki’s rise to and fall from “fame” reads like a law school exam.   Just try to spot all the issues.  You’ll find some crim law, contracts, torts, cyber law,  intellectual property, property, and family law.  There are hackers, stalkers, and predators.   And a rape investigation that led to the accused rapist jumping to his death.

About five-years ago, when Kiki was 13-years-old, Kiki opened up a MySpace account.  Sporting “scene kid” looks,  she posted  flirty photos and videos of herself.   She received a lot of attention and gained a modicum of internet celebrity (12,000 twitter followers).

But, as Rolling Stone details,  Kiki’s  “fame” quickly began to take a toll.   She gained as many haters as fans.  She became the target of cyber bullies, harassers, stalkers, and an alleged rapist.

As the Daily Beast sums up, “[w]hile she endured some taunts, nothing prepared her for the attacks she faced after an older man who allegedly raped her killed himself when police tried to arrest him.”

Kiki became the focus of 28-year-old Chris Stone, the publisher of a gossip website for high-schoolers.

At one point, Mr. Stone posted a photo of the alleged rapist lying in repose, and alongside the photo declared Kiki to be responsible for the death.  Rolling Stone describes the reaction —

Online response was furious, as consensus that Kiki had killed Danny spread throughout the Internet. “I’m gonna fucking kill her,” wrote a Stickydrama commenter. Someone posted Kiki’s grandmother’s address and phone number, and Kiki’s stalkers went into immediate overdrive. Fake Craigslist ads promoted her sexual services. She became a favored target of hackers, who hijacked her Stickam page and broadcast themselves; her phone was hacked, and her voicemails were posted online.

In addition to picking on Kiki, Mr. Stone has been accused of posting child pornography.  For his part, Mr. Stone decided to attend law school at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.  And, he used his real-life legal drama as the subject of his application essay.  Siouxsie would like to think that all of these allegations would be more than enough to prevent Mr. Stone from passing the character and fitness part of the bar exam.  But, the reality is that it won’t and that Mr. Stone will probably be licensed to practice law in about two more years.

Siouxsie isn’t sure what all this means or if there are lessons to be learned.  Though, Siouxsie thinks that Kiki has amazing hair (jealous) and that it is amazing that so many idiot scumbags like Mr. Stone go to law school.

If being a scene kid sounds like fun — check out this wikiHow article on who to be a scene kid.

Tiny top hat tip:  Tom B.

~ by siouxsielaw on April 26, 2011.

7 Responses to “Kiki does the internet”

  1. i read this whole story in rolling stone. it’s breathtaking to witness how far off the rails this child’s life has spun, and how there were a few places where various authority figures could have intervened. no one did. it’s horrific.

    and i was totally issue-spotting the whole way through.

    • The stuff about the parents is unbelievable. The mom even chimes in on the comments to the article. Or, I assume it is her mom; I suppose it could be someone pretending to be the mom.

  2. Oh Kikki! What a crazy story. Great Rolling Stone Article. That Stone dude should never, ever be allowed to be a lawyer.

  3. I know who this girl is. 😦
    While she’s had this stuff happen, she also has a history of being homophobic and saying horrible things about overweight or disabled people on camera. And her mother has joined in, from time to time. I really don’t know how to feel about the RS article. I get that she’s had horrible things happen that no one should go through, but if it’s an article about her and how ‘hated’ she is, it would only make sense to not be so one sided. :\

    • Good point. I don’t think I’m fan of anyone in this article. It is truly one of the craziest and weirdest things I’ve read. Especially her parents’ involvement.

  4. I was fascinated by that story! Holy crap!

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