TapouT’s co-founders sued for stealing cremains

TMZ reports

The heads of the MMA [mixed martial arts] clothing company TapouT have been accused of STEALING the cremated remains of their fallen co-founder [Charles “Mask” Lewis”] … and illegally giving away vials of his ashes at his memorial.

Mask Lewis alive and not cremated.

And now, the sister of Charles “Mask” Lewis is suing:

claiming co-founders Punkass and Skyskrape (that’s what they go by) jacked Mask’s ashes and put them in dozens of glass vials — which they gave away at a public memorial service in 2009. [source]

His sister seeks the return of the ashes and monetary damages for her “overwhelming and severe emotional distress.”  [source]

This is all really interesting, but what it made Siouxsie really wonder about is what someone would do with the cremains of a “celebrity.”

Maybe get a memorial tattoo — where people use cremains as the tattoo ink.   Apparently, these type of tattoos aren’t knew, but are becoming very popular.

Or, make your own diamond.  e-How provides instructions on how to transform a few ounces of ashes into a wearable treasure.

~ by siouxsielaw on May 11, 2011.

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