Update — New Jersey Cemetery Mix Up

“More families are desperate to know where their loved ones are buried in a New Jersey cemetery already being sued for mixing up a Queens woman’s final resting place,” reports the NY Daily News.

According to the news story, one man visited his parents’ grave on Father’s Day and found a different tombstone bearing the names of two strangers over top of what had been his parents’ grave.  Fresh dirt also covered the grave site giving the appearance that the two strangers had just been buried, and that his parents had been dug up.

Another woman was informed that her mother was buried in the wrong plot.  And in the plot where her mother was supposed to be buried is what appears to be a coffin belonging to an unknown body.

I previously blogged about the Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetery mix up at this link.

The case sounds like a plaintiff’s attorney’s dream.  And, it would also be perfect for a goth attorney.

Photo courtesy of:   Stacy Lynn Baum

~ by siouxsielaw on August 18, 2011.

One Response to “Update — New Jersey Cemetery Mix Up”

  1. I actually read about this in a local paper (I live maybe 10 minutes from Linden) and everyone around was fairly astonished. Clearly, we need more goth lawyers in this state.

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