Cyanosis Thursday

Laura Palmer rocking the cyanosis look back in 1990

It’s been a loooooong week.

But I can almost breathe again.  Until then, I will be sporting Cyanosis, the fabulous lipstick by Portland Black Lipstick Company.  I first blogged about the company here.  And they were kind enough to send me some products, including the self-described bright blue lipstick “that could suggest either oxygen depletion in the human body or advanced smurfism.”  Perfect.

~ by siouxsielaw on September 15, 2011.

12 Responses to “Cyanosis Thursday”

  1. Cyanosis really looks good on you. Not everyone can pull off blue lips.

  2. So, if a Smurf is cyanotic, how would you know?

  3. I still need to try that company. Some of their colours look gorgeous!

    Blue lipstick has such an amazing effect. I can never get enough of blue lips. –Also? Most awesome coffee cup ever.

  4. Too cool! (Get it? Cool? ‘Cause it’s blue…I’m really not funny.)

  5. Does it smear easily? What is its permanence like? I’ve been wanting to try their Undead Red myself, but red lipsticks can be so finicky sometimes …

    • Permanence is awesome. I wore the blue to bed, and it was on the next morning, and didn’t get on my pillow. I’m still not sure how that happened.
      Undead Red has a more moist feel to it (I’m not sure why). It does’t smear at all, but I wouldn’t trust on a white pillow. Permanence is quite good. I blot a lot of it off after I apply it, and a lot comes off when drinking coffee, but it still looks like fresh lipstick on my lips.

      • You should know that Undead Red is a very dark red, and photographs closer to dark reddish purple and/or black. A very deep wine color with lots of black tones.

  6. omg. your pictures are so cute. !!!!

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