Employee claims funeral home fired him in retaliation for complaints about an accidental cremation

Via the LA Times —  Jonathan Ford, a former employee at an Inglewood, California funeral home, claims the funeral home fired him because he complained about a mistaken cremation.  Mr. Ford alleges that the funeral home mistakenly cremated the the body of an infant, and then tried to conceal their mistake.  According to the lawsuit, the funeral home never told the parents that their baby’s body had been cremated.  Instead,  Mr. Ford alleges that the funeral home presented the parents with a casket containing a rock in it so as to feel like the weight of a baby.

Whether or not the allegations about the accidental cremation are true, the baby’s family is now at the center of this dispute.  The family will not have any closure until their loved one is exumed and examined.  And the family will likely bring their own lawsuit against the funeral home and/or the former employee.

~ by siouxsielaw on September 20, 2011.

One Response to “Employee claims funeral home fired him in retaliation for complaints about an accidental cremation”

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