“Zombie Boy! NOOOO!!!!”

Never judge a book by its cover — The Art of Being Zombie Boy.

This video totally fooled me. I immediately thought that his tattoos were fake. I cannot tell you how upsetting that was. I much prefer Zombie Boy’s natural look rather than all made up.

Tiny top hat tip — Amelia Nocturna.

~ by siouxsielaw on October 22, 2011.

3 Responses to ““Zombie Boy! NOOOO!!!!””

  1. Ah ha! I saw gifs from this video and figured it was Dermablend.

    I’ve actually known about, and quite liked the looks of, Zombie boy for five or so years. I’m a former BMEzine member, and he was featured quite a few times on their ModBlog. I agree he looks much better with his tattoos uncovered. Gorgeous, really.

  2. I love rick for who he is. It is awesome though that there is a make up that can cover things like tattoos and scars so well because sadly not everyone is in an accepting nature. Seeing all the work rick gets makes me so happy and hopeful though :3

  3. I hadn’t read this article before, but apparently Nicola Formichetti could not believe that his ink was real either. http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2011/03/22/nicola-wanted-zombie-boy-so-badly-he-paid–10k-in-fines-for-him.htm Intentionally or not, the article really makes me root for him. I hope he got a lot of $ for his appearance in the commercial.

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