Lisa Simpson was supposed to be goth

A loyal reader tipped me off to this bit of Simpsons’ trivia:  Lisa Simpson is goth.  Well, she should be.  This was all revealed on the most recent Nerdist podcast hosted Chris Hardwick.  The podcast featured an interview with comedian and former Simpsons’ writer Dana Gould.  Towards the end of the interview Gould discusses the only story that he could never get the network to use —

Hardwick: Was there a story line that you could never get pushed through . . . ?

Gould:  Yes, I wanted to do a story where Lisa became goth, and I just thought it would be a natural story, and I could not sell it.  Couldn’t get it through.

Hardwick:  Wow.

Gould:  Tried for seven years.

Hardwick:  Well that’s like you know that’s the next logical step after her becoming vegetarian.

Gould:  It is.  It’s perfect.  And part of it was right at the beginning, right when I started, was right when Columbine happened and goth had a . . .

Hardwick:  —ohhh.

Gould:   a bad…they weren’t goth, but they got ascribed it.  And that kind of queered it for a couple of years.  And then I just could’t sell it.

You can listen to the discussion at 1:12:20 in the podcast. The rest of the podcast is pretty great too.

For what it is worth, Lisa tried out goth for a few seconds in the episode Smart and Smarter.

Tiny top hat tip:  Tom

~ by siouxsielaw on November 15, 2011.

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