DIY marshmallows

I don’t usually eat marshmallows because they contain gelatin, but after 20 years of vegetarianism I’m learning to make exceptions.

Tonight my corporate goth neighbor (she is in finance — something like a stockbroker) brought over homemade mallowmars made with homemade marshmallows.  Both the marshmallows and mallowmars were out-of-this-world good.

Mmmmm. Marshmallow goodness.

Jillian Venters recently blogged about homemade marshmallows on her Gothic Charm School blog.  She recommends adding a dash of rose or violet syrup.  Purple homemade marshmallows sound amazing.

Want to learn how to make marshmallows from scratch.  Follow this link to an NPR story on Jennifer Reese, a woman who lost her job and decided to save money by making absolutely everything herself, and in the process wrote a book detailing her findings.  Reese discusses marshmallows in the story and notes that ““you won’t save money by making your marshmallows from scratch, but the results will be worth it.”

I could not agree more.  This is my first time ever trying a homemade marshmallow.  It tastes completely different than store bought ones, which always seem a bit stale to me.  The homemade ones were puffy and lightweight, and creamy.  Highly recommend.

~ by siouxsielaw on January 3, 2012.

8 Responses to “DIY marshmallows”

  1. Like homemade tomato soup, a complete pain in the bum to make but the flavour explosion makes you vow to win the lottery so that you can pay someone else to make it for you or never work again and make it yourself.

  2. Those look great. I am definitely going to try and make some marshmallows.

  3. Good neighbor! I could do with some homemade Mallomars. I haven’t tried making homemade marshmallows, but they are on my list and having read this I may bump them up a little higher.

  4. Back when I worked in pastry, one of my jobs was to make marshmallows. I used to pipe them into tiny little lines and then chop them up for our house-made ice creams and sometimes spread them in pans to cut into squares for presentation with the bill. They’re easy enough to make, but if you have any sort of hesitation with gelatin, it’s a little gross. The smell alone would make me gag sometimes.

    Now, I’m a huge fan of Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows. Honestly, I think I like them better than any regular marshmallow I’ve ever had.

    • Thanks for your warning about the gelatin. I didn’t think I would be able to cook with it; and now, after your description I will skip it and just hope my friend keeps sharing hers with me.
      I will try the vegan marshmallows.

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