Indonesia will not appeal the WTO ruling that upheld ban on clove cigarettes aka kreteks

Back in September, the WTO agreed with Indonesia’s claim that the ban on clove cigarettes discriminates against their country.  The  WTO judges agreed stating that, “[t]he panel found that the ban is inconsistent with the national-treatment obligation because it accords clove cigarettes less favorable treatment than that accorded to menthol-flavored cigarettes.”  The WTO, however, upheld the ban because it did not agree with Indonesia’s second contention that the ban was not necessary.  The WTO instead concluded that “there is extensive scientific evidence supporting the conclusion that banning clove and other flavored cigarettes could contribute to reducing youth smoking.”

It originally appeared that Indonesia would appeal this ruling.  But the Jarkata Post now reports that Indonesia will not be.

It may not really matter because, as many readers have pointed out on this blog, the ban has been circumvented by the sale of clove cigars.

~ by siouxsielaw on January 14, 2012.

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