Finally, a lawsuit that involves sex in a morgue

Garland Camper, the ex-coroner for Pulaski County in Arkansas, sued the county claiming he was forced to resign because of race discrimination.

On Wednesday, county officials filed their answer.  The county levies some pretty heavy allegations against Mr. Camper.  They say they advised the former county coroner to resign or face a possible public investigation after a female employee threatened to bring a sex harassment case against the coroner.  According to the answer, the coroner admitted that he had sex in the county morgue with the female employee several months after he fired her, and then rehired her a few days later.

All I can say is thank god they had sex in the morgue (or allegedly).  I have been struggling to find lawsuits to blog about.

The county says they learned that the coroner ran into the former employee at a gentlemen’s club in early January and began texting her.  The woman claims that the coroner demanded sex as a condition for his rehiring her:

[The County] also learned that [the employee] had retained copies of text messages between herself and [the coroner] and that on the morning of Saturday, January 15, 2011, [she] and [the coroner] had sex on County property (the County morgue). [The coroner] rehired [her] on the next business day following
their sexual encounter at the County morgue.

The coroner’s county cell phone records show that he and and the female employee exchanged 467 text messages during this time period.

Of course, one can’t just take the county’s version of what happened.  Certainly, the coroner wouldn’t have admitted any of this in his complaint.  Right?

In a case with a truly salacious set of facts, the coroner’s complaint does not disappoint.  While the complaint doesn’t get into any details about what the coroner did or did not do with any employees, he does provide lots of details about all the other county officials that he believes were having sex with their fellow county employees.  The thrust of his claim is that he was singled out for having sex with an employee because of his race, and not because he was about to become the center of a difficult-to-defend “quid pro quo” (have-sex-with-me or-your-fired) claim.

Whether or not the sex harassment claim has any merit, it sounds like the county had a pretty legit reason for wanting the coroner out of the morgue.  And the coroner’s dirt-dishing allegations in his complaint aren’t relevant as to whether he had opened himself and the county to an explosive sex harassment lawsuit.

Interesting to me, the county originally claimed that the coroner resigned because he had a knack of getting “under the skin of law enforcement officials with his propensity to play Quincy for reporters at crime scenes.”  (I wanted to be Quincy as a kid).

That reminds me of the greatest Quincy scene ever (I’ve been waiting to use this ever since I’ve started this blog):

There are some excerpts of the dialogue and a discussion on the absurdity of the Quincy punk rock episode at this link.

source:  The Republic.

source:  Arkansas Times Blog

~ by siouxsielaw on March 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “Finally, a lawsuit that involves sex in a morgue”

  1. The complaint is amazing. I want to get a job with that county.

    Also, I want to go listen to some violence oriented punk rock music right now.

  2. This would make a great episode on “Jerry Springer”.

    The guy sounds like a jerk and the situation having nothing to do with his race, but his poor decision making and what appears to be a valid case of sexual coercion that the other officials were trying to sweep under the rug.

    Even if others in power are doing the same thing, it does not mitigate his behavior in any way.

    From what I have read elsewhere, when it comes to judges, they can be batsh!t crazy and it is almost impossible to get them out of office until re-election rolls around.

    Another thing to keep in mind that while only a pathologist can perform an autopsy, the only requirement to become a County Coroner in Arkansas (as also in the state where I reside) the only requirement is that they be over age 18 and it is an elected position and that many an uneducated and unqualified idiot has been elected to that position.

    • Kathryn, you are absolutely right about the sexual coercion. Also yes about the officials sweeping it under the rug as well. Although wrong about Coroners. In Pulaski County, you have to have the chops. Garland was a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer for many years before he came to the Coroner’s office. Also, the deputies have to have medical/Funeral/Pathology education and experience. PC is full time positions and other counties in AR are piss ant part time.

  3. This is like a really quirky episode of Law and Order. And I love the shout-out to “Quincy”. I LOVED that TV show back in the day.

    Even though I haven’t been following you for that long, I’ve enjoyed your posts (and I appreciate you’ve been reading my blog, as well). So I nominated you for The Sunshine Award for bloggers. Check out my latest post for details:

    And thanks again for being so supportive! (BTW, I love your writing style.) 🙂

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