“Bios Urn transforms the burial ritual in a regeneration and return to life through nature. As a result, cemeteries become forests.”

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bios urn

Via Reddit — Designers Gerard Moline and Martin Azua have created a biodegradable urn that turns you or your loved one’s ashes into a plant. He calls it the Bios Urn. As a Redditor pointed out, “What happens if the plant dies?”  Personally, I don’t think you will know or care about the plants you fertilize once you have been cremated. It is a great looking product, but I think I would be just as happy to have my ashes spread over my garden.

Spooky Bat Pegs

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71B8tLzIzEL._SL1199_It is the middle of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. However, these amazing little black bat clothes pins have me thinking about hanging some clothes out to dry.


These Spooky Bat Pegs make for a great creepy alternative to chip clips or anything else you use clothes pins for.  I suppose you could make these a DIY project.  They look more like  something I will buy, rather than make.  If you are so inclined, you can buy these clips at this link.

Tiny top hat tip — Amy W.

““Mayor Dracula” Christine Quinn hid in the shadows of City Hall yesterday — lamenting that her vamp-y image was haunting her on the city streets.”

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“. . . . Quinn braved the sunlight yesterday as she headed to City Hall in a pantsuit. Fortunately for her political handlers, it made her look more like a politician than a member of The Cure.”

I personally don’t get the brouhaha about the NYC mayoral frontrunner that the the cover of New York Magazine causedI mean, this is NYC we are talking about, not Peoria, Iowa.  Can’t a lady wear a black trench coat with an upturned collar without her being labeled the daughter of Dracula?  On the other hand, I think that Christine Quinn should just go with it.  She looks great in black and Mayor Dracula is a pretty awesome nickname.  I hope that this incident doesn’t mean that Ms. Quinn will spend the rest of this campaign in brown pants suits.  Sadly, that seems to be where her advisers are guiding her.


Tiny top hat tip — Francie S.

“Man says employer told him to mix and match body parts to cover for missing cadavers.”

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USA Today reports,  “[a] former funeral home manager says he was forced to resign after refusing the owner’s directive to piece together ‘fake remains” of three cadavers for the Indiana University School of Medicine.'”

The former manager has filed a lawsuit against the funeral home.   “It is unclear exactly what the process of creating the fake remains involved, but it may have required taking some of the materials left over from the cremation of other bodies and representing that as having come from the missing cadavers.”   The funeral home and its owner deny all the allegations in the suit.

This is a “You don’t want to know” kind of suit.  We have all heard rumors about this sort of thing.  In fact, someone once told me about a crematory where they keep an extra bucket of cremains around “just in case” they need extra.  One would hope this doesn’t happen, but who knows.  After all, everyone’s ashes look the same.  The only distinguishing characteristics we (as first worlders) have in our ashes are the screws, staples and other medical devices in our bodies.

It will be interesting to see how plaintiff tries to prove his case.

What do we want? A federal Anti-SLAPP law. When do we want it? RIGHT NOW!!!

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If you blog, then you likely are going to get sued or threatened with a lawsuit.  “It is an all too common scenario: a blogger criticizes someone online and then is sued for his or her statements,” writes First Amendment protector, Marc J. Randazza in this article titled The Need for a Unified and Cohesive National Anti-SLAPP Lawpublished in the January 2013 issue of The Oregon Law Review.

SLAPP lawsuits, for those unaware, refer to frivolous defamation lawsuits filed against people who have spoken out about something.  In a SLAPP lawsuit, the plaintiff isn’t necessarily hoping to win;  instead, the goal is to silence critics by threatening them with a lawsuit that will be expensive to fight.

Mr. Randazza explains the need for uniform legislation — “The disparity between existing anti-SLAPP statutes, coupled with the number of states that have no anti-SLAPP laws at all, leads to a state of injustice where some Americans have protection for their online speech and others do not. All Americans should enjoy free speech—not just those who live in civilized states.”

“You are going to die”

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“. . . . You are older at this moment than you’ve ever been before, and it’s the youngest you’re ever going to get. The mortality rate is holding at a scandalous 100 percent. Pretending death can be indefinitely evaded with hot yoga or a gluten-free diet or antioxidants or just by refusing to look is craven denial.”

“[Director Andy Muschietti] sent me pictures of Alice Glass. I thought, ‘Oh, my God. She’s so rad. That’s a great idea for the character.'”

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Jessica Chastain talks about the inspiration for her character Annabel, the gothy-punk musician who doesn’t want kids but ends up caring for two of her boyfriend’s nieces.

“Mama,” by the way, was the number-one movie at the box office this weekend.


You should know who Alice Glass is. She is the front woman/lyricist for Crystal Castles and a style icon.  The Crystal Castles have a new album out and are on tour right now.  They supposedly put on a great show with a seizure-inducing light show.

This is a song from the Crystal Castle’s last album.  The look in this video seems to be the inspiration for the film (Ms. Glass appears to be sporting a lovely purple bob these days).

Gingerdead Men

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Family is visiting, so it seemed like the perfect time to bake some gingerdead men.


Highly recommend the gingerdead cookie cutter as seen on ThingGeek.com.

I’m searching for the perfect gingerbread cookie recipe; if you have a good one, please let me know.

Tiny top hat tip — Francie S.

“Putting on a bold lipstick is a way of saying, ‘I’m here.'”

•January 14, 2013 • 6 Comments

Says a makeup artist quoted in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

I appreciate the sentiment, but was thoroughly disappointed with the lipstick recommendations. Don’t expect to find any dark colors here.  Trust me, if you want to be bold, wear dark lipsticks.

The article does mention a brand of lipstick that I hadn’t heard about before and sounds interesting — Terry Rouge Terrybly Age Defense Lips.  The brand name is awful.  But the rave review persuaded me.  The author boasts that it has converted her into a lipstick lover — “it doesn’t bleed into tiny lines, look garish or taste waxy and then disappear almost instantly.”   Meh, worth a try.  And, though not mentioned in the WSJ article, the brand has a deep purple shade named Carnal Attraction.  At $50 a pop, I probably won’t run out and buy it.  But I am putting it on my wish list.

Zombie CupOnk

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I don’t get to blog a lot about housewares. But I just bought the greatest cup. Not to brag or anything.