Le Professeur Gothique has these kind words:   “Never insipid and always insightful and brilliantly written, this blog is an absolute must for anyone who wants an intellectual take on fashion and current affairs. And the bonus: she’s incredibly snarky and fun to read.”

“If you’re not reading Siouxsie Law during your smoke break, do so now,” says Loyal Citizen Clothing.

Forbes says, “OK, there’s nothing funny about microwaving a cat….But this video, unearthed by Siouxsie Law … presents a not-unrealistic view of how the American obsession with warning labels generates silly verdicts and lots of legal fees but not much else in the way of social utility. Enjoy. Or not.”

“This Gothic Lawyer makes my heart sing,” asserts Lucifer and Strange Rock.

Corporette gives a “[b]ig thanks to Siouxsie Law for pointing this one out … [] Modcloth’s “Law Review Dress.”  Siouxsie Law also guest-blogged on Corporette at this link.

Scott H. Greenfield author of Simple Justice tweets, “Great [Blawg Review], best I’ve seen in a long time, and far, far better than any I ever produced.”

“[B]log love to  Siouxsie whose law and commitment to the colour black and nail varnish never fails to entertain me….” writes Melanie Hayden a.k.a. Goth Tinkerbell.

Ultimate Goth Guide gives props to Siouxsie Law’s “epically awesome bat yoga bag.”

“[G]reat post on wearing at least some of what you want in the corporate world while still holding onto your job,” states Wendy Brandes.

Overlawyered noted that “Siouxsie Law has the (funny? horrifying?) video clip, the plot line of which involves the catastrophic misuse of a microwave oven and its fictional legal consequences.”

Dark Links declares that this blog contains “some of the most interesting goth fashion commentary that I’ve come across” and names Siouxsie Law one of the most fascinating goths.

Siouxsie Law is “a charming, quirky, concise and offhandedly informative blog from a young lawgoth,” says A Quiet Evening.

Caveat Calcei, author of Law and Shoes, tweets “Any law firms out there spending big $$s on blogs? Check out Siouxsie Law’s  just about perfect blawg and weep.” And proclaims Siouxsie Law to be “simply the best legal blog there has ever been.  She is a litigator and also a goth.  She blogs about stuff that is spooky and/or legal, and anything else that she feels like writing about.”

Legal Satyricon calls Siouxsie Law “Awesome.”

Siouxsie Law and friends help Ann Althouse with a goth makeover.

Siouxsie Law’s half-moon manicure goes viral on Fuckyeahprettynails.

Publisher of the New York Personal Injury Law Blog, Eric Turkewitz writes, “Siouxsie, by the way, [] has a Halloween waiver and has a trick or tort posting and a motto that ‘Good Lawyers Wear Black?’ Is this blogger a keeper? Me thinks so . . . .”

Bryan Garner, usage genius and Siouxsie’s legal writing hero says, “Interesting blog.  Congrats on that.

Siouxsie Law built a coffin tiramisu — it looks deadly delicious,” from La Carmina.

Howard Bashman, publisher of How Appealing writes, “The blog ‘Siouxsie Law’ — self-described as ‘an offbeat-gothic-legal blog’ — has this timely post about a recent ruling of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.”

Simple Justice author Scott H. Greenfield quips, “That’s a great letter. It was great when Cleveland Scene, then Deadspin posted it on 12/22. It was great when Juggalo Law posted it on 12/23 at Above The Law with attribution. It was great when it went through the twittersphere (with attribution) later that day. And it’s still great a week later.”  And, “[y]ou have a press page? How cool is that?

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  1. I want some of that tiramisu…

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