Michael Jackson’s Estate Requests Removal of Moonwalking Zombie from Video Game

Auf wiederschen Michael Jackson zombie.

Siouxsie is a big fan of the video game Plants vs Zombies (“PvZ”). PvZ is supposed to be fun and funny.  You destroy zombies with plants.  C’mon, no one takes this game seriously.  Well, no one except for the administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate.

This week, Pop Cap Games, the publisher of PvZ updated the game to remove the dancing zombie, who looks a lot like zombie Michael Jackson in “Thriller.”

The demand for the removal of the game character is stupid.  For one, it falls under the “fair use” exception.  And two, it is a tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson.

One might presume that Michael Jackson would have even enjoyed this tribute.  The former King of Pop had a massive arcade collection.  Michael Jackson even worked closely on the development of his own video game, “Moonwalker.”

The PvZ takedown seems to be another example of the people around Michael Jackson looking out for their own interests and nothing else.

Let’s hope no one tells Joe Jackson and his lawyers about prisoners reenacting the “Thriller” video.  Who knows, the estate might go after the next prison that tries to do one.

Until then, enjoy this video.

Source:  Kotaku

~ by siouxsielaw on August 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Estate Requests Removal of Moonwalking Zombie from Video Game”

  1. Moonwalker was a terrible game. Arcade and console versions sucked. MJ should have been honored to be associated with such a good game.

  2. Seems like fair use to me.  You are so right, they should have left the game alone.  I think things like this make people more likely to think about buying some of Michael Jackson’s music.  I just bought a copy of Thriller for my Ipod.

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