Bobbi Brown Tries a Gothic Edge

A promotional image for the Black Velvet Collection. This is dark and edgy?

Bobbi Brown’s new fall makeup collection is called Black Velvet.  This is the pitch for the collection:  “Feeling Fierce?  Give Us 5 Minutes. We’ll Give You an Edge.”  If you or your mom have ever tried Ms. Brown’s products, then you can guess what kind of edge you get after spending five minutes with her.  Not much.

Bobbi Brown explains the idea behind the collection:

Yes, sooty lids and goth lips look great on the runway—but how do you make them work for real life? By infusing plum, cherry and maple tones with black and giving them a translucent texture, I created shades that are strong, powerful and a little shocking—but also wearable and sophisticated.

There is nothing wrong with companies trying to get some mojo/credibility by trying to goth it up, but it usually doesn’t work that well.  This makeup collection is no exception.  Makeup blogger, KarlaSugar has a great post on the collection.  Apparently, Bobbi Brown sent her the whole collection to try out.  If you want to see what the makeup looks like on her arm, then click here.  The collection is certainly wearable, but it seems to have to totally lost its goth edge in translation.

Siouxsie will pass on this one.

~ by siouxsielaw on August 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Tries a Gothic Edge”

  1. Doesn’t look much different from her usual colors!

  2. Bobbi Brown isn’t so goth. Last name is brown. That tells u all u need to know.

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