Good Goth Revisited

Ms. Kitching and her amazing hair looking great in black.

Earlier this month, Audrey Kitching blogged about good- and bad-goth style.   She writes:

There is Good Goth and Bad Goth. Me and my friend Clint always debate over this. Good goth is done in an artistic, fashion forward avantgarde way. Bad Goth is done by shopping at Spencers head to toe. Think goth via 1998 suburban teen…not a good look.

Ms. Kitching is widely-known for her fabulous pink hair and sense of style.  Admittedly, Ms. Kitching is not goth herself, but does claim to appreciate the style.  What exactly is Ms.Kitching trying to say?  It seems that Ms. Kitching is articulating a similar point to one that Jillian Venters makes in Gothic Charm School:  “Friends don’t let friends dress like the Crow.”   Wearing a costume from a comic book or movie is not really artistic or fashion forward.    However, The Crow is a great graphic novel and cool movie.  And, the costume is pretty great.  It seems too snarky and scene to label anyone, even someone dressed like The Crow, as Bad Goth.  A more polite way of phrasing it would be to say, “There is good goth and there is better.”  We should all aim for better.

Anyway, Siouxsie was reminded of Ms. Kitching’s post while at a goth club this past weekend.  She spotted a baby bat wearing a bio hazard gas  mask and couldn’t help but snicker.  Upon reflection though, good for him.   At least he’s trying to be a good goth.

Photo Credit: Kid Paparazzi

~ by siouxsielaw on September 28, 2010.

9 Responses to “Good Goth Revisited”

  1. Ha. Love the biohazard mask look.

  2. A thoughtful post.

  3. I’ve never thought of it like that- “good goth” and “better goth”. I guess since I’m not at all involved in goth, I’ve always thought of it as just simply “goth”. You put it well, though.

    P.S.- Thank you for linking to my Audrey page (yep- I can see where backlinks come from and I figured I’d visit your site). I’ll be roaming around here a bit checking other stuff out.. You also just gave me a great idea for another webpage…

  4. See, the thing that gets me about these “good/bad” proclamations on fashion is that they often discourage people from trying at all. No one wants to be thought of as being “bad,” so they just go safe instead. I too was at a goth club when there was a baby bat wearing a gas mask… it was silly as hell, but at least he was trying. I way prefer that to the kid who just wore a concert t-shirt and jeans.

    Anyway. I think your “good and better” idea is the way to go.

    • I think what people really need is positive reinforcement of the stereotype. We see many examples of “bad goth,” but the “good goth” is often hard to find(For the internet, at least).

      But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe thats what’s keeping the Fashion Industry from exploiting it.

  5. Ugh Audrey Kitching.

    “Bad Goth” as she describes it, isn’t Goth at all. She’s not even describing baby bats, it’s those kids who wear hot topic branded gear and listen to music that Kerrang magazine labels Goth.

    It’s very true that there’s a shit side to Goth but that’s down to personality and people not fashion.

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