BBC sued over creation of Dr. Who nemesis Davros



Siouxsie was shocked to find out this week that a thirteen-year-old boy allegedly created Dr. Who’s archenemy, Davros.

A lifelong Doctor Who fan claims he dreamt up the character when he was just 13, and is suing the BBC for breach of copyright.”

Almost 40 years ago a teenager named Steven Clark entered a contest to invent a super-villian.  Mr. Clark, who is now 51-years-old entered an essay and illustration titled “The Genesis of the Daleks:  The Creation Of Davros.”  Mr. Clark didn’t win the contest and never heard back about it.

But three years later his disappointment turned to anger when he saw a brand new episode of Doctor Who called The Genesis Of The Daleks.

The episode . . . introduced viewers to a new villain called Davros, but to Mr Clark the character looked almost identical to the one he had sketched.

You must click on this link.  It contains a picture of the sketch allegedly drawn by Mr. Clark back in 1972.   In Siouxsie’s expert opinion, the sketch looks a whole lot like the actual character pictured above.

Moreover, according to the story, “[t]he magazine competition was run independently of the BBC programme but the judges included the then Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee, script editor Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts, the producer.”


Mr. Clark claims that back in the 70s he tried to prove that he  was the actual creator of Davros, but because he lost his copy of the essay and picture he could not pursue it.  As luck would have it, Mr. Clark recently found a copy of his entry in a set of his family’s encyclopedias.   And so, Mr. Clark has filed suit.

Mr. Clark is trying to “Exterminate!”   Or, get some money from the Dr. Who franchise.

Siouxsie is no barrister, but it does not appear that Mr. Clark’s claims are time-barred under  the U.K.  This is good for Mr. Clark because it isn’t as if he can just get in the Tardis and go back to 1972 and tell his younger self to hold onto the essay at issue (not to mention that this could result in a paradox or the Blinovitch Effect).

Siouxsie can’t help but be suspicious of the claims.  This case should not proceed before a judge, but rather a Time Lord.

Bonus Fact:  There may be another Dr. Who claim out there.  At the Dr. Who forum on the Digital Spy message board, User Camera Obscura claims their great Gran Gran knitted this in 1922.

Is this the first Dalek?

~ by siouxsielaw on March 26, 2011.

One Response to “BBC sued over creation of Dr. Who nemesis Davros”

  1. Clark’s story is pretty good, but I don’t buy it. It would make for a good show within the show kind of plot. They could do their own ripped from the headlines, like Law and Order.

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