Class-action lawsuit claims SPF-110 is a joke

Neutrogena is the target of a class-action lawsuit brought by a sunscreen wearer who alleges that the corporation makes false and misleading representations in marketing its over-the-counter sunscreens, reports Courthouse News Service.  The complaint (via Courthouse News Service) is at this link.

The suit focuses on Neutrogena’s use of high-SPF labels and claims that such labels are misleading, especially in light of FDA’s recent findings that there is no scientific evidence to show that higher SPFs provide greater protection.  The lawsuit also asserts that the corporation’s representations that its products are “sunblocks,” “waterproof,” and sweat proof” are not true and lull consumers into a false sense of security.

Bonus video:

Here is a video by Muse for their song “Sunburn.”  (Muse was cut from the U.S. broadcast of the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, so I’d like to honor them here.)

Lyrics at this link.

~ by siouxsielaw on August 14, 2012.

One Response to “Class-action lawsuit claims SPF-110 is a joke”

  1. I have always been a little leery of sunscreen. The chemicals seem as bad as the sun itself. Covering up seems like a better option.

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