“You are going to die”

“. . . . You are older at this moment than you’ve ever been before, and it’s the youngest you’re ever going to get. The mortality rate is holding at a scandalous 100 percent. Pretending death can be indefinitely evaded with hot yoga or a gluten-free diet or antioxidants or just by refusing to look is craven denial.”

~ by siouxsielaw on January 23, 2013.

6 Responses to ““You are going to die””

  1. Damn, I sort of love you right now.

  2. That isn’t the question, for me. The question is “how long can I stay active?”

    That is why I’m doing cardio 5 days a week, lifting weights and returning to my SCA sword fighting ways after a nearly 20 year absence. I have to die, but I want to cram as much into my life as I can!

  3. Too true. But it is not over, ’till it is over.

  4. This reminds me of what I tell people who complain about birthdays and getting older – the alternative to getting old is dying young. Makes aging sound pretty good.

  5. I think it all comes down to genetics and fate for the most part; maybe revising habits might give you 10 more years of physical life, but is it worth it if your mind is gone?

    I worked in a nursing home in high school and for sure I don’t wan’t my body to outlive my mind. It is painful that your mother thinks your are the visiting nurse.

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